The Bride's Dress:

I just love the look of the straps with the simple yet elegant flare which makes this design great for a big city or down home wedding.

This has always been my favorite no matter how many dresses I have seen. The overall design makes it seem like it will make anyone look amazing in all light and angels.

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Simple yet Elegant

The Wedding Colors:

Personally I think blues and other rustic colors like brown and tan are the way to go. The sky, ocean and blue birds are so pretty and I think bringing colors from nature would make a rustic wedding pop. It can be teal to dark blue and still work.

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The Hair:

This hair style is perfect for a rustic wedding.The flowers add that special touch and can easily be left out to accompany a veil instead or other hair jewels.

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The Bridesmaids:

I have a strange idea of having each bridesmaid wear a different strap styled dress in the same color. What I mean is that the straps of the dress are a different style but the overall dress is the same. You can see that the three dresses below have three different strap styles, but the dress is sort of the same. This is kind of what I am talking about, except the dresses would be the same color.

If I could choose the style of their dresses, it would be one that is flowing at the bottom and hugs the waist at the top. I'd like the dresses to be a little shorter than floor length. That way the bridesmaid can dance and not have to worry about tripping on it or getting it dirty. Their shoes and jewelry would be up to them to choose.

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Random Things:

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The table set up (the picture on the top left) is simple, rustic and perfect for an outdoor or indoor wedding party. The picture below that is of a cake. The flowers really give it that special something, even if it is a simple design.

At the top right is mason jars with each persons name written on it. I believe that would be good so no one gets their drinks mixed up. Below that picture is a game that would be great for both adults and children. It is a wedding version of I Spy. Each person gets a camera and list of things to find.

The Flowers:

Honestly I have no idea what kind of flowers I want to have. I think the flowers below are pretty though. I think I would add some white roses to the mix as well.

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In the end this article was me putting all of my current wedding pictures and ideas into one solid article that I thought would be fun to share with everyone. I am in no way close to needing any of these things, but it was fun mapping them out anyway. I hope you found this article fun, entertaining, and maybe a little helpful!