I have a wide range of preferences [ when it comes to we heart it ].

Just because my 'profile's theme' is "luxury" and "high-end" doesn't mean I don't heart and scope through other areas [ ie vintage ].

gold and watch image

Though today I want to focus on my profile, and why it is as it is.

A little background information on my thought process for my profile;

I have a lot of different fandoms, I enjoy a lot of different activities and pass-times which I do not include in my profile for certain reasons.

Originally I was a fandom-based profile. I had collections on Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, Youtubers etc.

Though I came to realise that when I looked at my profile I didn't feel happy. I worked out what was wrong.

It wasn't an accurate representation of myself, yes I adore Doctor Who, but what my weheartit was missing was; life.

I wanted my profile to represent my soul. My inner personality.

Sure, I can tell everybody I love Supernatural but I can't explain my soul to them. I needed to rely on the images to say things I could never verbally explain - I wanted weheartit to be an escape, where I could feel like myself without having to explain.

So I changed, and my profile's theme has pretty much been the same since, because it's me.

city, sky, and sunset image
A picture I adore.

What is "me"? You may be wondering.

Well as I briefly stated in the beginning, my profile consists of "luxurious" items. It's a very "high-end", "bougie" profile.

With collections dedicated to;

  • interior design
  • fashion
  • the Kardashians
  • Make-up
  • Boys
  • Bougie Brands
  • Shoes
  • Scenery
  • Luxury items in general [ie money, diamonds ]

that is me.

It took me just under a year on weheartit to figure all this out, so hopefully, if you haven't already found yourself on this site, then you will have now!