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If you've read my other article (Books, Books and more books. Here's the link if you haven't read it -----> you probably know that I wrote a book review for YA books that I love with all my heart. BUT BUT BUT I've decided to write one for Romantic (wiggles eyebrows) books that I've read and adooreeeeeee <3



As usual, I'd like to start off by a quote that touched my soul (it really did)

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one."
George R.R. Martin

1. The Notebook (By Nicholas Sparks)

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Credits to @RafyInWonderland

If you're a sucker for stories that make you cry and close the book more than ten times just because you can't handle all the feels, then The Notebook is definitely for you.
Nicholas Sparks would go right on top of my favorite authors for Romantic novels. The way he writes is beautifully captivating and teaches you things about love that no one else will. Not just the book, but the movie is extraordinary as well because unlike other movies, there will definitely not be a single part that is a part of the book but not the movie. If you're wanting a little insight on what true love looks like, I suggest reading about Noah and Allie in this breathtaking novel.


“You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

2. Maybe Someday (By Colleen Hover)

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Credits to @angiemae23

*Starts speaking * I--- * stops * oh my god.
I'm getting butterflies in my tummy just thinking about this one.
Maybe Someday was the first book I read by Colleen Hover and although it seemed like the usual books we read all the time with the same clichéd plot. Trust me, it isn't. It is downright unique, with feelings expressed in such a raw manner it's kinda hard not to thank God for Colleen Hover.
If you've read it, you probably know why I'm calling it unique, and if you haven't hands you the book before patting your back don't hold back your tears when they come

On a more serious note though, this book made me realize that sometimes, you don't need words or verbal communication to express your love for someone. Actions are all you need sometimes. I definitely recommend this one.


“I want you to hear me love you.”
― Colleen Hoover, Maybe Someday

3. Me Before You (By Jojo Moyes)

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credits to @tessa_99_1

Me Before you is such a thrilling ride of love, comedy and a basic guide on how to make sure you live your life to the fullest. I am pretty sure there were a few days after I read this book where I strived to be more like Lou, who had such a positive/cheerful look on life.
Even though spoiler alert Lou and Will don't get the ending they deserved and the ending we all hoped for; I think it's beautiful how Lou made his last few days an adventure while also learning so many things herself. It really is awe-inspiring.

P.S: You should definitely watch the movie too because besides the AMAZING cast they've chosen, the music is pretty great too cough Ed Sheeran cough


“You are scored on my heart, Clark. You were from the first day you walked in, with your ridiculous clothes and your complete inability to ever hide a single thing you felt.”
― Jojo Moyes, Me Before You.

4.Attachments (By Rainbow Rowell)

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credits to @fuckimfab

I don't really know if this specifically falls into the romance genre but_eh_.

I read this one twice, Simply because the first time, I only read it because I felt like I had to. But the second time, it definitely made me giggle and understand a little the midlife crisis most adults go through.
Plus, not to mention how it literally is such a long time until the two main characters finally come together. This one is definitely really unique and has a never0been-seen-before type of storyline.


“I believe that worrying about a bad thing prepares you for it when it comes. If you worry, the bad thing doesn't hit you as hard. You can roll with the punch if you see it coming.”
― Rainbow Rowell, Attachments

5. The Hating Game (By Sally Thorne)

credits: Tumblr

When a friend suggested this book to me, I wasn't really sure I would like it to be honest because I hadn't really ever heard about it. But once I did start reading it; I could not put it down.
Pretty sure I have a thing for novels where the characters start off by hating each other but then slowly realize that they might not hate each other at all. So if you're into all that, then this book is for you.
Also nudges you _Lucy and Joshua (main characters) have these really different personalities kinda thingy going on so of course, that leads to a lot of banter back and forth, which makes the novel all the more exciting to read.


“All I want to do is kiss you until I fall asleep. I want to slide in between your sheets, and find out what goes on inside your head, and underneath your clothes. I want to make a fool of myself over you.”
― Sally Thorne, The Hating Game

6. The Lover's Dictionary (By David Levithan)

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credits to @DeLarissa_

Okay, I know this one came out a really long time ago, but to be honest, when a book is so uniquely written, it's kinda hard to ever forget about it. A Lover's Dictionary is exactly that book.
The entire book is written using only dictionary entries. I read it all in a day I swear it's that simple yet so deep because we never really learn anything about the people it's about. David Levithan is definitely one of those authors who can make you believe in love if you don't already.


“abstraction, n.
Love is one kind of abstraction. And then there are those nights when I sleep alone when I curl into a pillow that isn't you when I hear the tiptoe sounds that aren't yours. It's not as if I can conjure you up completely. I must embrace the idea of you instead.”
― David Levithan, The Lover's Dictionary

7. Ugly Love (By Colleen Hover)

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I think it's pretty clear by now that I am pretty much in love with whatever Colleen Hover writes. It's hard not to love how heart-wrenching, compelling and beautiful Ugly Love is. And it's hard not to appreciate Colleen for her unique sense of story plotting, giving every book a special twist that you definitely do not expect at all.
Give this book a read and I promise you, once you enter the lives of Tate and Miles, you will not want to get off the plane wink wink for those of you who noticed what I just did there.


“Whoever coined the phrase, I love you to death obviously never experienced the kind of love Tate and I share. If that were the case, the phrase would be I love you to life. Because that’s exactly what Tate did. She loved me back to life.”
― Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

8. A Walk To Remember (By Nicholas Sparks)

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credits to @Leodai

This was one of the first romantic movies I watched and later on when I read the book; I really wished I had read the book first. This was the official start of my love for novels by Nicholas Sparks.
I don't know whether it's the way he turns even the most common plots into something so passionate or the way none of his novels and the way someone would hope they did; either way, I adore him.

P.S: Do listen to Cry by Mandy Moore while reading this book. It's the main song for this book and will add to the huge bubble of feels inside you.


“There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well.”
― Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember


Okay, so this brings me to the end of the list, to be honest, if I continue, most of the books will be by Colleen Hover or Nicholas Sparks (I'm not kidding when I say that I adore them).

If you liked this then please be sure to leave a heart or a message or both. I appreciate all the messages you guys send me and heyyyy we could even talk about books if you'd like <3

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au revoir and happy reading everyone!