I really loved you. Maybe I wasn't enough. There was absolutely no problems but you left me. I wanted us to be forever, to go trough everything together. But I guess you just wanted the best of me and when it became a little too difficult for you, you gave up. You didn't love me. You loved the idea of me.
You never understood who I was. I am wild, free spirit.
You went away because it wasn't as passionate as the beginning of our story was. But honey, when spend two years together, it can't be perfect all the time. But you wanted it to be easy. You wanted to take everything you could of me. I wanted it to be forever and passionate. But you weren't full of passion and love. You were toxic to me. And the best thing you did was to leave me. Now, you tell me you regret it. But Honey, I have never doubted. I knew you were the only one I wanted, even though you wanted all these girls.

I know somebody better is waiting for me. You can take your boring life and let me live my life. I was the best you could ever had. But you ruined it. You ruined me, but now, I am free and single. I am confident and I know everything is gonna be alright without you.
I don't need a man in my life to shine. I don't need to have thousands of followers in my life. I just need to be my own follower and to keep loving people as I did. But you opened my eyes on you and I am glad for it. No, we won't stay friends. Stay with your girls. I know you will miss me. Not now but when you will realize that you can't replace me.
I loved you with all my mind and nobody will love you as much as I did. Sorry for you. You lost a lover, I lost nothing. This is not a loss, this is a gain.

Thank you!