This is part of series of vignettes, short stories, and poems that I'm writing to hone my craft, using pictures from my folders on WeHeartIt. I do not own the picture. Please enjoy!

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

The world sings to us, quiet, slow.

Crunch crunch crunch go the leaves beneath our feet.

The wind whistles around us, whipping at our hair and clothing, but we do not listen.

To world flows around me, leaves swirling in a dance in that selfsame wind,

And I am quiet, for I listen.

I listen, and I hear, and I am at peace for I understand, and I am content as the rainwater splashes cold over my feet and the chilly wind whips color into my pale cheeks.

I am content as I smell the chill in the very air, the tang of leaves quietly moldering away to cover the ground in new clean earth, the soft breath of apple-spice from fruits reddening on trees soon stripped bare.

I am content.

I am listening.

I am.