This is part of series of vignettes, short stories, and poems that I'm writing to hone my craft, using pictures from my folders on WeHeartIt. I do not own the picture. Please enjoy!

Image by javiera

A flash of foam on the waves,
No less undulating than thee,
No less flowing than thy hem,

No garment less rich or poor
Than thine deep cerulean folds,
Thine creamy flick at the feet,
As though a playful wave lapping at the shore

Woven tight, then tighter still,
Climbing up the gossamer body of a nymph
No less beautiful than the coral that thou clutches in thy grip

Pearls stung along
Gems that flash
Like the wink of the sun on the sparkle of the sea
Winding in a sinuous strand like the coils and fathoms of some great vine

The stars are in thy eyes,
The fleecy clouds thine ever-flowing hair
And yet please, why must thou flee?

Why may thee not tarry for a time,
Dancing as thou must,
Kicking up storms with the flashes of thine dainty white feet
Blessing us all with the gift of thine smile, bringing fog
To cloud the eyes of lesser men?

My lady,
my love,
my only heart,
the Sea.