What's the best way for someone to learn interesting facts about you when you really don't know what to say?

Do a 50 things about me tag!!!

1. Name

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2. What's your zodiac sign Pisces

3. Things you fear.
Idk, normal teenage fears like a love one dying, heights or not being financially stable.

4. Things I love.
Reading, spending time with my brother and father, day-dreaming, and sleeping.

5. Who's your best friend?
Neyara, who sadly doesn't have a WeHeartIt.

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6. The last song you listen to? B's + H's by Jhene Aiko.

7. Things that turn me off?
People who act immature and don't know when to turn it off or when to stop joking. Or when someone does something on purpose to make someone else uncomfortable or unwanted.

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8. Things that turn me on? Humor, deep conversations, and kindness.

9. What color underwear am I wearing right now?
yea, about that.....

10. How many tattoos or piercings do I have?
No tattoos, don't plan on getting any, but I do have 2 piercings.

11. The reason I joined WeHeartIt?
One of my (used to be) friends asked, actually begged for me to join. She wanted me to see cute picture of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

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12. How I feel right now? Content. Usually watching or listening to Jhene Aiko does that to me.

13. Something that I really, really want?
My phone screen fixed.

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14. My current relationship status? Never been kissed. Actually more like never been in a relationship.

15. Meaning behind my username?
On Wattpad you could change your username as many time as you want. Me (trying to be cool and edgy) tried to change my username once a month. I only ended up changing it twice and keep it to IsntDisAwkward.

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16. My favorite movie? Hands down, Another Cinderella Story. The one with Selena Gomez in it. Put that movie on, it will grab and hold me attention no matter what I was doing.

17. Favorite song?
Wayyyyy too many to list and it varies from day to day.

18. My favorite band?
Don't have any but my favorite artists are Jhene Aiko, 6lack, Drake, Zayn and Lana Del Rey.

19. Things that upset me?
When people ask for advice for the same problem over... over ... and over again. People who complain about thing they can change themselves.

20. Things that make me happy?
My brother and father. Reading a great book on Wattpad. Finding a great collection on WeHeartIt. Writing articles. Find great new songs.

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21. What I find attractive in other people? Sense of humor, conversations that I can take something from, and thoughtfulness.
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22. Someone I miss? A lot of my childhood friend that I went to elementary and middle school with.

23. Someone I love?
My best friend.

24. My relationship with my parents?
No matter what my father says, he's my best friend and I'm his. My mother and I are cool (most days).

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25. My favorite holiday? Christmas or New Years.

26. My closest WeHeartIt friend?
I sadly don't have one.

27. Someone from WeHeartIt I'd date.
Same here

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28. A confession. Yes, it was me in Ms. Foster's fourth grade class who spilled her coffee all over the classwork and only offered to clean it up after no one would admit to spilling it. Did I feel guilty for getting the class in trouble? Of course. Did I eat the candy she gave me as a reward for cleaning the table. Of course I did.

29. Things that annoy me easily?
When someone doesn't make some form of eye contact when I'm talking to them.

30. My favorite animal?

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31. My pets? I have two dogs. A Shitzu named Pepper and a Maltese named Chloe.

32. One thing I lied about?
How much I weigh.

33. Something that is currently worrying me?
My cracked phone screen.

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34. An embarrassing moment? Passing gas in a public bathroom.

35. Where I work?
A grocery store.

36. Something that is constantly on my mind?
Scenes that I could write in a book or movie.

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37. Some habits that I have? Taking my curls apart when I'm bored.

38. Any future goals?
Becoming a professional makeup artist or blogger.

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39. Something I fantasize about? Being in a relationship.
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40. My favorite stores? Walmart and Fashion Nova. They can take all my coins.
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41. My favorite foods? Anything that is Italian, has a lot of cheese, sushi, or involving a sandwich of some sort with fries.

42. What I did yesterday?
Went to school then home, then work, then back home to go to sleep.

43. Something I'm talented at?
Giving advice even with the little experience I had in life.

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44. My idea of a perfect date? Netflix and Chill (just chilling kids) with just a little bit of YouTube and video games and a lot of junk food.
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45. My celebrity crush? Used to be drake (still is if based on looks) but I really love 6lack mind set and his views.

46. A photo of myself.
Profile pic will do the thing.

47. My favorite blogs?
Any recommendations?

48. Number of kids I want?
none, I love children tho.😊

49. Do I smoke or drink?
Neither but I do drink bubbly water if that counts.

and the big Five Zero is yours. Any question you want to ask me be free to send me a postcard and I'd gladly answer.

Until next time.

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