Okay, listen... Being a nerd is absolutely freaking amazing. I'm a simple girl, I see a smart boy, I grab him. But it's not about that right now. I'm your Shia LaBeouf today and I'm here to motivate you to study. Im not going to repeatedly say 'Just Do it' though. I'm going to tell you what helped me finish school with straight A's and hope it helps you aswell!

  • Buy New Notebooks

This is completely optional but I advise you to spend some money on cute notebooks because nothing motivates a nerd more than the smell of a fresh notebook.

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  • Make Notes Wisely

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT write everything as a plain text. Use tables, bullet points, sticky notes... Summarise the things you need to learn, write only the important statements. Do not overuse markers! Use one color for the concepts, another for dates if it's history...

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Here are some examples where people SLAYED their notes
  • Make Use of Your Computer

Whenever I have a night or two to learn something and I'm in a hurry, a computer is super helpful, especially if you're a fast writer. Make notes on your computer and... TURN YOUR GOD DAMN FACEBOOK OFF while you're doing it. Tables and bullet points are life savers because it's much easier to remember everything written like that. Print it out and shut your computer off. Sit on your bed and study.

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  • Have a break and a snack

This is extremely helpful if you have one day to learn everything. If you have to, for example, prepare for your history test, first (of course) make notes, then try memorising as much as possible. When you're not far from the end, you might get lazy but try learning it weak atleast. Take a break, watch a Spongebob or Simpsons episode (it's about 20 minutes long) with a cup of tea or coffee and a snack. After that try repeating what you memorised and strengthen the places you don't feel good about yet.

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Good luck in becoming a nerd!