This is something I wrote back when I was heartbroken and was trying to move on. I thought I should share it with you guys now that I am happier and healed. Enjoy!

Thirsty for a sign
a hint
a drop of hope

When everything is lost
We search for a glimpse of what we once had
We fail to accept the fact that something we held so dearly
Could be gone in an instant

We’d unknowingly devote so much of our life’s to something and when it leaves.
You feel empty
Like something isn’t right
You did something wrong
You must have
How else would it have come to this ?
The hole inside you grows as you try to fill it with hollow distractions and meaningless affaires.

You start to realize it’s the end
But realization is automatic
Acceptance is a choice
And although you try to convince yourself that you are fine with it
You’re not
You’re not fine with it
You’re not fine with the fact he left as soon as you no longer were useful to him
With the way he treats you now that the feelings are gone
And the fact that you have to see him everyday
Makes it impossible to forget .

Hope is strong though the feelings are not
as you try to see something that just isn’t there
Quenched for a word
A look
A stare

You continuously turn to them to see if they are looking at you with that undeniable and unashamed stare with sparkling eyes and an admiring grin that they did so often

But it’s not there

Neither is the spark

Or the smirk

Or the butterfly’s

Or the jokes

Or the love

And eventually

Not even the hope.