Hello there!

Maybe you saw that most of WHI community is writing this kind of challenge and I though to myself, that I would accept this challenge too. I so I will start today I hope you like it.

Day 1 : Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself.

Some things I wrote about myself I wrote in my ever first article, but it isn't bad to repeat myself.

1. I'm from Lithuania, Vilnius.
2. I'm 18 years old
3. I'm a freshman of VCD, studying photography.
4. I have a internet book, my first ever book online. The book is called ,,Love is stronger'' and you can read it in Wattpad. The last I saw my book reached over 2k views, so that was shock for me.
5. The was a year where I was suffering depression, but writing this book made me look at this world, not as place where I'm alone with my problem, the world where everyday is pain that you must go through, but place where you have people who will caught you when you are failing into darkness.
6. I'm a oldest child in my family
7. Fun facts about me. I hate cats, but not long ago, we got a cat and I start to get attach to her.
8. When you meet me, at first I'm shy, collective, but next thing you know I start to show my true colors.
9. Through my lifetime, I changed so many hairstyle, from bob to long hair, and I change my hair color, from red to blond. Now my hair is short and brown, but I plan to dye to burgundy ombre.

That is all, I hope you know about me more then before.

Bye, see ya next time

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