They say put makeup on, curl your hair, sit up straight and behave. "Stop acting like a little girl" grow up.
They say wear your skirt below your knees, don't let time pass you by like a breeze, make a use of it; Start acting a bit older, they say.
"Don't forget to smile, brush your teeth, But don't smile too much that you show your gums!"
How come women are suppose to follow this shit? While guys are on the top of the hierarchy...
Thanks AP World History.
They say Watch your language, don't be a savage.
"Take off that garbage and put on a dress, don't you get it women dress to impress."
In my opinion, don't listen to hateful people who judge every second of you, Wear what you want! Be who you are! Smile as big as you want!
At the end of the day we are who we are <3