~Swim in all the oceans
~Hike in the mountains
~Sleep under the stars
~Get a new pet
~Plant something & take care of it
~Learn something new like knitting
~Take a hot air balloon ride
~Go on the train or subway in the city
~Have kids
~Be successful on my own
~Learn to surf
~Get lost in a big city
~See the northern lights
~Visit an art museum
~Throw someone a surprise party
~Go to a music festival
~Go apple picking
~Get a job
~Visit nique in new york
~See a broadway show
~Be really tan
~Eat dinner in the cn tower
~Go to the aquarium
~Decorate my room
~Go on a long bike ride
~Take yoga classes as often as possible
~Go to a sports event (hockey game, baseball game, basket ball game etc)
~See a psychic
~Take pictures with an underwater camera
~Jump off a cliff
~Movie marathon
~Have a paint fight
~Have a water balloon fight
~Learn to drive
~Go to california
~Keep a diary for a whole year
~Put gum on the seattle gum wall
~Just do something different. Do something new for a fucking change. Be fucking spontaneous. Stop caring so much and being preventative just do something and stop caring just something fucking new, not go fuck someone without protection, or go cliff diving, just something different that makes me feel free.
~Visit all 50 states
~Visit all the canadian provinces
~Go to a fashion show
~Swim under a waterfall
~Learn how to use chopsticks (the right way)
~Take a picture everyday for a year
~Visit every continent
~Go to the zoo
~Have my first kiss
~Fly first class
~Get better at makeup
~Go ziplining
~Visit Florida/Disney with people whose company I actually enjoy
~Own a beach house
~Own a cool condo
~Figure out who my real friends are
~Stop letting people treat me like fucking trash because im tired of it and it never stops and i can’t live like that forever
~Get my tattoos
~Get an lv purse
~Get a walk in closet
~Give my parents a honeymoon
~Have a fun party with people i actually like
~Go to a wedding
~Own a birkin
~Own yeezys
~Own louboutins
~Rent a jetski
~Work at disney
~Make a goals insta acct with my bf/husband one day and b every1s goals
~Buy someone a crazy nice gift for no reason
~Try lean
~Take a money pic
~Save for my mercedes
~Own something from supreme
~Crowd surf
~Graduate from university
~Complete a triathalon
~Get a really cool group of people who actually like and who actually like me for me
~Go streaking in public
~Act of kindness everyday for a year
~Be vegetarian or vegan (still deciding)
~Scuba dive
~Go to australia and see the great barrier reef
~See the grand canyon
~Go to Vegas
~Dune buggy in dubai
~Bungee jumping
~Get in fist fight and win
~Write a letter to myself and read it in 10 years
~Ride in the albuquerque hot air balloon festival
~Missionary trip
~White water rafting
~Hang glide
~Completely unplug for a week
~Learn to flyboard
~Take a vacation with friends
~Take a vacation by myself
~Learn to juggle
~Sleep in a haunted house
~Have a psychic reading
~Go kickboxing
~Learn how to lucid dream
~Write a thankyou note everyday for a month
~Become an organ donor
~Do the edgewalk
~Go camel trekking through the desert
~Go paintballing
~Leave las vegas richer than i arrived
~Sneak into an old abandoned house
~Sneak into the monte carlo casino
~Donate money anonymously
~Front row at a concert
~Go to a drake concert
~Climb one of the 7 summits
~Go to Africa
~Try to say and think only positive things for 72 hours and see how much my life changes
~Wall flip
~Mardi gras in new orleans
~Throw the most badass party ever
~New years eve in times square
~Go to the airport and ask for a plane ticket to anywhere
~Adopt a child
~Paddle board
~Get eyelash extensions
~Have a spa day