Hello guys.These are my favorite songs at the last time.There will be Serbian,Bulgarian,Bosnian,Arabian and English.I like folk and pop songs.These are love and songs with stronger themes.My favorite singers are Mohammed Assaf and Emir Djulovic.Let's start.

1.Moja Vodilja(Emina Tufo).This is a teenage love song, which speaks about falling in love and crush...Song is so cute.It's Bosnian song.

2.Rani( Mohammed Assaf feat Faudel)Love song. Arabian.

3Toksicna(Naida Beslagic).It's more like a feminist song.

4.Zemljotres(Emir Djulovic)Love song.

5.13 broj(Emir Djulovic)
6.Sve Behara(Emir Djulovic)
7.Ya Halali ya mali(Mohammed Assaf)
8.Godine(Emir Djulovic)
9.Srna i kobra(Emina Tufo)
10.Volim te do bola(Emir Djulovic)