Hey fellas,
I'm literally obsessed with series. Say a serie and I watch it.
Maybe you are asking yourself when does she gave the time? Well I stay up pretty late so I can watch a lot of episodes and when you're up early you can watch them to and saturday nights BONUS nights. Maybe you think she can't watch them all right? Ohhh yes I can ;) So here they are I hope you enjoy.


1. The Big Bang Theorie (Love for Sheldon)
2. The Vampire Diaries ( Love you Damon and Stefan)
3. Teen wolf
4. The originals
5. Jane the virgin (Love for little Matheo)
6. Homeland
7. The mentalist
9. The Flash
10. Greenhouse Academy (It's new go watch it!!)
11. Degrassi
12. GOSSIP GIRL (Chuck and Nate are the best!!!!!!!)
13. That 70's show
14. Pretty little liars
15. 13 reasons why
16. White gold (also new give it some love)
17. Shadowhunters (shipping Malec)
18. Friends
19. How I met your mother
20. And last but not least RIVERDALE (Cole and KJ I love you guys!)