Hi, sweet people of the Internet. My name's Lex, and I enjoy writing very much so I figured hey, why not try out this new feature? Anyways, enough about me. Let's get into the good stuff: my absolute favorite lyrics that I always keep close to my heart because they mean so, so much to me.

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Small Talk by Michael Barr

hang my feelings from the top of your building
because you be the one thatโ€™s blurring my vision and i'm on the edge

So, What Does This All Mean? by Goody Grace

feel like i'm in the saddest song but if it never rains, i won't grow.
feel like i'm better all alone, i'm meant to be on my own

Inside Voices by Too Close to Touch

inside a broken mind is the place that i call home
i let my thoughts unwind, as they leave my body panic prone
i beg for peace within me, as i lose a piece of me
silent screams refuse to ring, because hopelessness can't sing

pLAyed out by The True Blue

hard to feel what we choose; i see red, but feel blue
isn't it strange, the pain don't feel how it felt before?

strangers by lovelytheband

isn't it strange that after all that
i gave you love that never came back?

Ride it Out by Makeout

stop the clock, draw our futures in the pavement chalk
stretch the moments when we lock our eyes
and feel the light again

Revvival by Olivver the Kid

it would have been nice to change
itโ€™s nothing new, itโ€™s nothing new
i think i was led astray
i found solace in this ashtray

Seventeen Ain't So Sweet by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

point of rhythm is the fall await in time
to listen to the beating in your mind

rock + roll by EDEN

they said you'll never be alone again
but i don't think you understand me or what i fear
but you could be loved
but don't wanna lie to tell myself
i'm more than all the mistakes i've outrun


Footnote: I know my music taste isn't exactly well-known, chances are you may not have heard of some of these bands, which is why I made this article. I enjoy these songs and I understand that everyone has a different music taste, but hey, why not give these songs a try anyways? They can be found on either SoundCloud or Spotify. :-)