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There are many articles on We Heart It about places that people want to visit. But how about an article about places that someone already visited? I am not ultimate travel expert. I've only been in few countries in Europe, mostly for a vacation or with school. But it doesn't matter! I'd like to show you the most interesting ones.

✈ Venice, Italy

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I spend only one day in Venice, but it's unforgettable. So incredibly beautiful.

✈ London, The United Kingdom

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When I was little, London was my dream city to live in. When I was 12 years old, I went there with my school. It was amazing!

✈ Barcelona, Spain

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I've been here last year with my sister and her friends. I had no idea about what's waiting there for me! I was surprised and fell in love with this beautiful city.

✈ Rome, Italy

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Rome was definitely one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever visited. Sights, ice cream and pizza everywhere!

✈ Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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When it comes to sea, I always like to spend time in Bulgaria. There are many beautiful beaches, hotels, and amazing people!

✈ Krakow, Poland

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I was in Poland 4 years ago, I think. My dad took me there and I was really glad that he did.

✈ Florencia, Italy

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When me, my boyfriend and my grandparents traveled to Sicily, we had a stop in Florencia. Unfortunately it was raining that day and I was sick, but I still enjoyed walking through this historical city. (I learned about it a lot in school.)

✈ Budapest, Hungary

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I had a stop in Budapest when I was on my way to lake Balaton. It was really awesome, I loved it!

✈ Corsica, France

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I used to travel to Corsica every summer when I was a child. My grandparents always took me and my sister there. Now when I'm older, I can finally see how amazing that island is.

✈ Prague, The Czech Republic (I live here, woohoo)

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I felt obligated to add more pictures of my home here. Prague is a beautiful city, no doubts. The only thing I'm sorry for is that I saw it too many times, and it's not longer interesting for me.

✈ Vienna, Austria

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Vienna is one of those cities which you know that they exist, but you've never been here. Fortunately I had a chance to visit it three years ago and I loved that.

✈ Sicily, Italy

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Last year was the year when I finally visited island Sicily. I spend 2 amazing weeks there, saw a lot of beautiful places (Lipari island, Etna etc.) and sights, and I'm looking forward to travel there in future.

✈ Tatra and Fatra Mountains, Slovakia

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My dad's family has a house in Slovakia. We often go there in summer, because Slovak nature is GORGEOUS. Tatras are really popular mountains, and also very high. I've been there only few times, but it was worth it. I know more Fatra mounatins, they're closer to our house. And incredible as well!

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