“Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.”
—Terry Pratchett

Hey guys! So for my first official article I would like to start off by giving book recommendations! (: So far I've read 50 books this year and kept track of every one I read.

1. Throne of Glass series/A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas
Honestly, Sarah J. Maas writes AMAZING books. She was the one who inspired me to start working on my first novel. She is an extremely creative writer and brings fairytales to life. "Throne of Glass" is inspired by Cinderella, except the main character is a total badass. Give this series a try if you like fiction/fantasy/strong heroine type books. It was defiantly NOT something I would have picked up before if I saw it. But within the first chapter I was hooked. Her first series, Throne of Glass is actually being made into a Hulu tv series! I'm hoping it'll live up to the books.

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2. The Star-Touched Queen -Roshani Chokshi
This book came out last year and I am seriously regretting not have read it sooner. I unashamedly started and finished this in three hours- I couldn't put it down. Maya and Amar's relationship is like no other couple I've read about. I think I actually started crying at one point. The story ended so well I was surprised that there was a sequel, except the second book focuses on Maya's younger half sister. If you like mythology, romance, betrayal type books, I would recommend this one. Chokshi is extremely attentive to her writing and several times I reread paragraphs just to really grasp the meaning.

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3. Heartless-Marissa Meyer
First off- if you haven't read any of Marissa Meyer's work, what are you doing??!! This book tore out my heart and stomped on it. If you like books that make you emotional, try this tear-jerker. A story inspired by Alice in Wonderland Queen of Heart's story, Catherine is an unmarried girl being courted by the king. Cath unwillingly allows the king to try to win her heart, until she meets Jest, whom she hides a relationship with. This book is in my top ten and I would reread again.

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4. Written in the Stars- Aisha Saeed
Another story about a forbidden romance, and one that always had me wondering what would happen next. Naila's story is one that I'm sure many could relate to and sympathize with. She is to be promised to another while being in love with a boy her parents don't approve of. Written in the Stars is a novel about having to chose between following her heart and risk disappointing her family or possibly being miserable for the rest of her life. 10/10 would recommend.

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5. The Graces- Laure Eve
This book is about a girl longing to be noticed by the most popular group in school, mainly because of the rumors that say their witches. I could definitely relate to this book because of the main character's wish to know of something more exciting and supernatural than the world she's lived in. The narrator isn't your typically high school girl, and often left me confused by her random behavior. You won't be able to understand unless you read it for yourself. The plot twist was really unexpected, which made me love this book. The next book is expected to release in 2018, and until then I'll be waiting!!

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Of course, these are only some of the books I've read this year. If I had the time to sit and review each one of them, I would! But I hope this gives you some good ideas on what to read next.

Happy reading! (: Feel free to send me a message on here anytime to discuss books, music, GOT, or anything!