I really love this challenge and the upgrade on Weheartit, it's so much more expressive. We get to know each other pass the pictures we heart. So here's me:

Day 1- write and article about you. Introduce yourself!

I make impulsive decisions (like kissing a girl to quell my curiosity about the softness of her lips), and I make really thought-out decisions (spending painstakingly amounts of time torturing myself over every detail because sometimes I really want to make the right choices). My name is Nerlanda and I am made of love, the universe, and stardust. I am 20 and small but what I lack in height and body weight, I make up in spirit. I want the whole wide world but until then, I am carefully creating my own. It's enlightening to understand that I can create my own life, that life isn't something that is happening to me. I am mutually existing with the universe, mother earth and the world.

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I've realized there is beautiful magic everywhere, I'm filled to the brim with it all. I love love, I hope it spills out of me and onto everyone I touch and everyone I love. So, naturally I have become the girl who believes in soulmates (variations of it) but I still believe there's a girl out there who will romantically imperfectly compliment me.

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I dance around my room alone, I read books because I appreciate the power of words and the beauty of literature, I hold my beliefs, and hopes and dreams tenderly and close to my heart. I'm so vulnerable these days and I work on not letting that scare me. I've realized that life is wildly beautiful (and sometimes heartbreaking too) but I have to be open to it all.

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