Everytime when I look back, I only remember how fat I was and tried to cover my belly with oversized cloths. Looking in the mirrow and don't be happy with my own reflection or having a bad habit to look at my self when I pass away from the shops' glas. The funniest thing was to fight against the wind by pulling out the ends of my t-shirt so that it doesn't stick on my belly and shows his shape to the environment. The worst was my inner voice which represent the wish of the sociaty how a person schould look or be. To compare your self with the "cool girls" and imagine a world before I sleep where I have a perfect body and a flawless face and everyone wants to be my friend, but I'm the roal one and hang only around with my chicks. What a bad joke to see myself the most correct who have never done any fault. To spread my sore salt I had an affection for the bad boys or in another words for the "i-get-the-money-stuck-in-my-ass-from-my-parents" who were always together with the "cool girls" which confuse me more and get me confronted with the idol that the community wish.

But after I had a bad time because of fals friends I get more lonelier and spend my breaks at scholl alone

And how Andrei Tarkovsky said:

" I think a person needs to learn from childhood to find himself alone. It means to not be bored when you're by yourself, because a person who finds himself bored when alone – as it seems to me- is in danger"

So not to be in danger I tried to improve my drawing skills or red a lot of books to further my general kwoledge and I noticed something very import : our lives consist of DETAILS and I wanted to know which DETAIL I am.

What I try to say is that everyone should go on a journey of discovery after themselves to find his / her little DETAILS that makes you to find your own self confident.