Hey Stranger!

Ahhh, 3 days ago autumn started and im so excited about it. I am starting to realize I love every season which is kinda weird. Whatever, right now I'm sitting on my rug on the floor (dont know why), covered by my blanket, propped up against the wall bellow a window and hearing noise of my neighbour's mower and my brother's music from the next room. Good atmosphere I guess.

Because autumn just started, I am going to tell you my favourite activities I like to do in autumnnn.

1. I'm living in a small village surrounded by woods, so an activity I like to do is go for a walk to wood and I take my dog even with me. I just love walking through the high colorful trees, the fallen leaves and enjoy the nature.

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2. Next activity I mostly do and I think I'm not the only one when it's raining is to get in a bed, have tea, maybe even food (depends on my taste) and watch movie. This is just so relaxing and comfy.

bedroom, bed, and home image rain, city, and street image

3. Sometimes I just need to escape from reality, from everyday's struggles, to clear my mind (hope you follow), so I go into a forest for a jogging. It's kinda cold these days but I get warmer cause of the moving. And also after I have a good feeling that I've done something useful for my body.

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Hope you liked this article.