Hello and happy international Family Day. Some of the books I'll list might only exist in german language but I'll at least try to translate the book title.

3.Make a list of your favorite books

amor, book, and eleanor image book, quotes, and love image
I. Eleanor & Park - the most amazing book ever and the only book I ever cried about when it ended.
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II. Finding Audrey - Audrey has an anxiety disorder and then she meets Linus. I related to this book / to Audrey for quite a log time.
About a Boy, amazing, and book image About a Boy, hugh grant, and nicholas hoult image
III. About a Boy - a very cute but also very sad book. I had to read it in english class and loved it.
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IV. Glücksdrachenzeit (= Luckdragontime) - a book about sibling love, tramping and drugs. I got this book for my Birthday when I was about 13 and I adore it till today.
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V. The Silver Trilogy - books about dreaming which are very romantic. I binged all of them in a very short time.
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VI. Paper Towns - we all know: John Green is brilliant but my absolute favorite is paper towns. "You will go to paper towns and never come back"

I highly recommend these books. Every single one is special in it's own way and you should really read them!
Thanks for reading - Eva ♡