This is basically a recommendation post. I discovered so much incredible singers and bands that may be considered indie that, in my opinion, deserves more attention. Enjoy.

1 - Glass Animals - This one already became one of my favourites, of this list I think they will be the most famous. Listen - the entire album How to Be a Human Being .

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2 - Jain - This is a recent discovery for me, and I adore the different styles in her songs. Listen - Come also Dynabeat.

3 - Billie Eilish - I really liked this one, especially the most pop songs. Listen - Copycat.

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4 - Fickle Friends - This is a really great indie pop band. Listen - Hello Hello also Swim.

5 - Everything Everything - Of this list I think this one have the most different sound, I found them because of Glass Animals (if you are not yet convinced) and WOW, highly recommend. Listen - Cough Cough.