The world is full of beautiful countries, cities, landmarks and attractions; and one of my goals in my lifetime is to see some of these first hand. I want to travel, and learn more about these different countries and cultures. So, I decided to in this article, share with you some of the places I am dying to visit and discover.

1) Iceland
I would love to see the stunning 'Seljalandsfos' waterfall and swim in the blue lagoon. Iceland would be absolutely unforgettable, unlike what I see here in rainy England.

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2) Rome, Italy
One of the worlds most visited and beautiful cities. I would love to walk the Italian streets and see the coliseums and churches, especially 'The Pantheon'.

rome, italy, and travel image Image by M. Jibaja

3) Oslo, Norway
I love Norway and can even speak a little bit of Norweigan. It is such a beautiful country. Also, I highly recommend watching the Norweigan show called Skam, it is amazing.

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4) Paris, France
France. I have visited a few times before and it is gorgeous. I have went_Disneyland_ with my friends and went on a boat trip to see The Eiffel Tower. I loved every second of it and would love to visit again to see more of the landmarks.

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5) Berlin, Germany
I have been to Germany once before with my school for a trip, and I miss it so much. It was amazing, and the German people are lovely. I would love to see the Berlin Wall again because it has so much history behind it, The Fernsehturm Tower and I would like to see the The Brandenburg Gate again!

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6) New York City
A city I have always wanted to visit. I would love to see Central Park, Coney Island and especially Times Square.

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7) Bali
Have you seen the beaches and the sea in Bali? It is absolutely stunning.

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8) Hawaii
The most perfect holiday destination. Hawaii just looks gorgeous.

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9) China
I would love to visit China in the future and see the Jiuzhaigou

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10) Tokyo, Japan
Have you seen how incredible Japan looks! I would love to visit, and see Takeshita Street and The Tokyo Tower

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11) Disneyland Florida
Because we are never to old for Disney Land!

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As you can see, the world beholds some amazing places; and I would love to see and discover ore about these cities/countries and cultures. I guess I've got some saving to do! Haha.