Are you just as tired as I am of the standard cinnamon-and-pumpkin-spice-latte pictures on your instagram feed that are flooding in right when September rolls around? Well, if so, then I've got you guys covered with other autumn inspired pictures to recreate, my favourite fall filters on VSCO and a few good quotes if you want to (pumpkin)spice up your instagram theme this autumn:

Photo Inspiration:

autumn, fall, and music image book, coffee, and flowers image tea, autumn, and fall image winter, christmas, and coffee image
What you may need: some leaves, flowers, pine cones or other fall-inspired stuff, a book, a blanket, succulents, cupcakes or other snacks - and of course a good old cup of coffee or tea
fashion, sweater, and autumn image fashion, sweater, and outfit image
What you may need: a white surface, some of your favourite sweaters and maybe a matching bralette if you like
Temporarily removed Cookies, food, and photography image
What you may need: some baked goods and a good pal who is willing to take a well-arranged picture of you
autumn, fall, and travel image adventure, autumnal, and clothes image forest, tree, and nature image hipster, indie, and photography image Temporarily removed nature, forest, and fall image
What you may need: preferably a sunny day and a damn good eye for photography
fashion, girl, and style image fashion, watch, and style image fashion, interior design, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image
What you may need: your favourite fall clothes to show off, a cleaned mirror, the good old self-timer on your camera, or a trustworthy personal photographer (if you're that lucky to have one)

VSCO Filters for Fall:

I personally prefer to use A9 to highlight green and overall darker tones in my pictures, but I'd also recommend A5 for more bronzier shades, HB1 for a blue and grey hue, G2 for a nice caramel undertone and last but by no means least M5 to make the orange objects in your pictures pop out.

My Favourite Quotes:

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed quotes, flowers, and life image quotes, life, and people image quotes, maya angelou, and words image Temporarily removed

P.S.: I would never consider that I have the 'perfect' instagram feed by any means, but I still try to listen to my own advice once in a while. Oh, and sorry for my sassy mood today. I hope you take my suggestions with a pinch of salt - of course you can post any picture you like and your instagram doesn't need to have a theme to be good. I just wanted to share some inspiration with you :-)

I really hope I could inspire you to recreate some of the pictures I picked for this article - there are still more to check out on my wall if you like :-) and please feel free to stay in touch with me by leaving a comment or writing me a postcard if you have any questions or anything to add to this article - I do my best to reply as soon as possible, I promise!