Hey there! Today I just really wanted to share with you two of the best books I have read so far. I also believe that Fall is the best season to read books, lying in the bed and tasting a hot cup of tea. There's nothing much to say, I honestly suggest you to read them and I swear you won't regret it. So...

Let's begin!

1. Since You've Been Gone - by Morgan Matson

This book captured instantly my attention at the bookshop, then I read the plot and I decided that I absolutely HAD to own it.
The book begins with the sudden disappearence of Emily's best friend, Sloane. She only left a list of mysterious things to do, some of them very daring. Since that event, she has to deal with a life that doesn't include her friend at all. Emily will have to face her shyness, getting out of her little shell in order to face new and unexpected situations.

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The thing I loved most about this book is the way Emily grows up. She becomes such an indipendent and strong girl, reinforcing her rather weak personality. I also appreciated the suspence that keeps you interested in how the story will evolve.

2. Looking For Alaska - by John Green

Okay, as a super fan of John Green, how could I not have read this book?
The main character is a boy, Miles, who moves in college and takes the decision of starting a new life. His new aim is to find "THE GREAT PERHAPS". And maybe he will find it under Alaska's name.
Alaska is a mysterious girl, she has a difficult past and she is also very moody. Her way of doing definitely intrigates Miles.
A series of events prompts the boy to make various and complex questions, looking not only for Alaska but also for the inner himself.

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I loved this book for a million of reasons.
First of all, it's very fun to read a book whose main character is a boy.. a totally different point of view!
Secondly I completely adore John's way of writing because telling common stories, of simple people, he's able to transmit intense and educational ideals.

I really hope you liked the article!!


x Sabrina