If you love summer, sometime in your life you may have experienced the autumn blues (not wanting to move on from the sun, sand and tans that come with summer).
So here are some things you can do this season to start off on a good turn and in a positive way...

- go to a pumpkin patch.

- jump in a pile of leaves.

- carve pumpkins.

- drink a seasonal drink (hot chocolate or a pumpkin spice latte?).

autumn autumn

- have a bonfire.

- go through a corn maze.

- light an autumnal scented candle.

- decorate your room for the season (make it cosy - fairy lights that give a warm glow or some blankets to snuggle up in).

autumn autumn

- wrap up in warm clothes - jumpers, coats, scarfs, hats and gloves.

- eat a toffee/candy apple.

- watch a fireworks show.

- buy some Halloween themed sweets or treats.

aesthetic article

- read a good book whilst wrapped up warm in blankets.

- take some great autumnal pictures.

- go apple bobbing.

Thanks for reading, I hope your autumn is one to remember!
I really enjoyed writing my first article - there will hopefully be more coming soon! Don't forget to take a look at my account! :)
Madi. x

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