hello everyone
so every person on earth has "THINGS" that he likes and they are different from others , so i wanted to show everyone what i like
the THING that i like is : fantasy and magic
so i'm going to show you guys pictures of the things i like
hope you guys enjoy

Abusive image Abusive image
1)- archery " in almost every fantasy movie there is someone who uses bow and arrow and just by looking at it makes me want to learn how to use it, it's just too beautiful "
Abusive image hair, medieval, and red hair image
2)-braids " Vikings, elves and much more have such amazing braids that i really want to try by myself, they are so beautiful "
wolf and animal image Abusive image
3)- wolves " wolves in movies are so different they symbolize power and kindness"
hand, light, and blue image fire, smoke, and magic image
4)- magic " of course if you hear the word fantasy you think about magic "
dragon and harry potter image Temporarily removed
5)- magical creatures " there is nothing cuter than creatures that are magical "
Temporarily removed mermaid, ocean, and sea image
6)- mermaids " come on who doesn't like mermaids"
vampire, grunge, and teeth image vampire, lips, and grunge image
7)- vampire " from twilight to tvd I LOVE VAMPIRES"
twilight, wolf, and jacob image teen wolf, tyler posey, and scott mccall image
8)- werewolf " one word JACOB oh and SCOTT "
Temporarily removed Legolas, orlando bloom, and lord of the rings image
9)- elf " elves are so pure and just so beautiful "
castle, hogwarts, and harry potter image castle and germany image
10)- castles " it has always been my dream to visit a castle "

i just want to say that i truly love fantasy and i feel like im in a whole new world
please heart my article and thank u so much