Hello lovelies! In this article I am going to give you some ideas on how to decorate your bedroom and make it look cute and cosy. I am basing these points on my own bedroom and the ones I see online. Here we go!!

1) Posters
Whether its a band, tv show, movie or an actor/celebrity, posters just make your bedroom so you. Whether its one, ten or a thousand. It just adds a burst of your personality all over your walls.

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2) Lights
Lights are just the definition of cosy. You can buy lights from a store or order some online; and can either hang them against your wall or droop them across your shelves or bed. They just look absolutely adorable.

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3) Polaroids
You don't need a polaroid camera to have polaroid's. Literally just print them off with a border and they look identical when their on your wall, and make such a difference.

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4) Quotes, Poems & Drawings
Printing off some of your favourite little quotes, poems or your own drawings and sticking them around your mirror, bed, door looks so cute.

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5) Pillows
Throw some on you're bed to add a pop of colour and personality to your room! I recommend going into Urban Outfitters if you want to find some cute/Tumblr pillows because they have some cool ones in there!

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6) Tapestries
If you have a spare wall and don't know how to fill the huge gap, a tapestry would be perfect! It adds a huge splash of colour and creativity in your room.

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7) Plants
Real or fake, they are just lovely little decorations to put on your nightstand/desk/shelves.

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8) Mirror!
A mirror is just a staple decoration that you need in your room! You can stick those cute little quotes and drawings around them and then take bomb selfies.

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I hope you like this article and maybe take some of these ideas and make those changes in your room!