Hey Guys! This article is completely dedicated to the untouched style of the 90s. I don't know about you guys but the 90s was definitely my favorite era of fashion. If you want to know how you can change your wardrobe completely or just touch up some things, this is the article for you.

1. Bandanas & Head scarfs

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Okay so one thing that I really think always works for a 90s fashion look is a bandana or any type of head scarf. You can wrap it around your head or even hang it on the back of your pants. Whatever suits you. Be creative!

2. Accessories

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Whether it was hoops or a large bangles. The 90s knew how to bling out their wardrobe. Big hoops & hair clips always seem to give me a 90s vibe.

3. Makeup

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This right here is what I've been waiting for. Ladies (& gentlemen) I present to you 90s beauty. 90s makeup can be so versatile. The best thing about makeup for this era, is the women didn't have to do so much to be called beautiful. Lip Gloss and slayed eyebrows was such a natural look but they STILL managed to look like no other.

4. Clothes

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This time of fashion was for a fact all about expressing yourself. Show off that belly girl. Bandaeus as you can see were the go to. Baggy clothes looked so good if you knew how to rock it.

5. Shoes

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Sneakers are where it's at. Brands like Nike, New Balance, and Adidas have a look that just have 90s written all over them. If you aren't into anything like that, old skool vans are a great sub!

6. Hair

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Big and Natural! Short and sleek! You decide. A high bun, 'Poetic Justice' braids, or even dreads. Baby do you!!!

I hope this helped in anyway. I love 90s fashion so much. From Aaliyah to TLC. Girl you have options on top of options. Leave a like for more! xoxo

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