Hello everyone !

What's Up? We meet again in an article about makeup, we all missed our makeup at our beginnings, and still today it still happens to us, so I suggest 3 little tricks to avoid missing your makeup! As always, I hope you like it!
The thing we miss most often when we put on makeup is our eyeliner! This is surely the most complex product to apply, especially when you start to apply makeup. The little tip I can give you, which is also well known, is simply to use a small piece of tape (Do not forget to remove some glue by placing it and removing it from the back of your hand!) This trick is very handy, especially if you have trouble making your comma!
It happens also that one "misses our complexion", for example, one makes a demarcation without wanting it, one applies too much. The best way not to miss its complexion is simply to make up to the light of day .

It all happened to us at least once, we apply our mascara, and there, with an involuntary gesture our brush touches our eyelid is spoil all the makeup that we did previously! To avoid being left with small traces of mascara, the best tip I can give you is to sit down, put a mirror on your lap, and apply your mascara by using the mirror. Your eyelashes will be away from your eyelid, and they will not have the opportunity to touch it!

The article is now finished! I hope you liked it. Good bye my loves <3