I guess It was not meant to be.
Goodbye came too early.
Your eyes felt so warm, so familiar.
There's so many things I want..I have to tell you.
To show you, rather.
But I can't.
I never could, strangely enough.
When you looked at me I froze.
Every single time.
Your eyes stole all my words away.
I couldn't speak.
Speaking seemed redundant.
Forgetting you, on the other hand.
Letting the thought of you out of my brain.
That's necessary.
But necessary.
We might meet again.
Another day, another time.
I can only hope so, honestly.
I never found out what I wanted.
I will always remember the music you played that night.
Your firm grasp the first time you touched my hand.
Your witty smile.
The way you looked at me and smiled.
But said nothing.
Just smiled.
The way I always smiled back.
Not being able to say anything.
Your eyes under the dim lights of that pub.
The way you made me feel.
So small, so shy.
But so powerful and strong.
We were so close.
But so far.
So similar.
Yet too different.
But I'm overreacting, per usual.
I will end this now.
I hope we meet again.
I do.
Until then,