I used to feel empty inside, sad all the time. I didn't know that all I needed was someone to help me find the light again, that's when you came along, you talked to me, not knowing how much of a mess I was, I put on a happy mask pretending everything was okay just for you. But as time passed and we became closer I couldn't hide my real mask anymore nor did you, we were both messed up people who needed each other to survive. We would make each other smile when one of us was feeling down, we would help each other when one of us needed help. I began to be happy again, began to love life, began to have hope after all. I genuinely thought this would last. But sometimes things are too good to last, to be real. We slowly started to drift apart, but I kept fighting, I didn't want this to end, you were my happiness. But, you didn't even try to fight, and just in a matter of time, you left me like everyone else did. Here I am, feeling empty inside, again. Trying to smile and help myself, without you.