Dear Teen Wolf,
It's been 6 years since I first saw you. My first thoughts were "ugh it's not bad" and episode by episode you won my heart. Here we are now 6 seasons later. When I first saw you I was just a awkward teenager but now I'm leaving for collage. It's crazy how as characters in the show grew I grew with them. You thought me that it's okay not to have hundred of friends, but a few who are very special, that is okay to be different and that that is what make us one of a kind. Family are not only my relatives but our friends too. You taught me to be a bigger person and that is okay to fall as long as you stand up after it. As you were learning through your mistakes so was I. So I just wanna say Thank you for the smiles and tears. Teen Wolf, you will always be the best show I ever watched! Goodbye Stiles and thank you for making me laugh, Bye Scott and thank you for all the lessens. Bye Lydia and Malia and thank you for showing us that girls are bad ass to. Bye Derek, Allison,Chris Argent, Kira, Mason, Corey, Liam, Jackson, Eathan, Aidan, Hayden, Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa, Coach, Isaac, Parrish, Theo, Peter ... Goodbye Beacon Hills. <3

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