Day 2 - whats in my bag-

Well i am going to tell you what i alway have in my bag. Its my school back so lets do this.

- A laptop i always have my laptop with me to school.

book, starbucks, and jeans image

- Agenda - i love my agenda because i like it how it looks and its a must have in school

agenda, pink, and white image

- Pencil case - nothing is more handy then pencils.

school, study, and studyblr image

- FOOD - of course i take food with me to school.

food, coffee, and croissant image

- Charger for laptop - when i work like more then 4 hours on my laptop i really need my charger of my laptop.

apple, iphone, and white image

- earpods - Of coure i cant live without my earpods from apple.

rainbow, music, and white image

- MY FREAKING PHONE - its so important

gold, iphone6s, and 📱 image

- My wallet - when i get some food in the school kantine i need money so thats a important must have,

Michael Kors, fashion, and black image

- books - yeah how els do you need to learn

book, diary, and flowers image

i think thats all i need for school.
x Lisanne