Rainy days are back and so are comfy sweaters and cosy afternoons !
This period of the year may be the best of the year as we begin it full of the enrergy accumulated in summer after a long Holiday spent lazing under the sun.
That must be the reason why some of us are so happy and enthusiastic with the idea to start a new laboral year or a new project that has been waiting for too long now. And I'm pretty sure it doesnt't exist a best way to attack those under the inspiring Wind that brings to us the dead leads of a past that is time to renovate and improve our future !
Let's start it trying to take care of us and our skin and heart. Walking at least half a hour a day, having a look at the windows shop and taking refuge on a Starbucks just a while, just a moment to savourate a big pumpkin muffin with absolutely no guilty ! Let's start to listen our heart, identify our whises and put them on the top of priorities. So we might reach our best version the same way hot chocolate get its best when it's topped with delightful whipped cream !
And isn't that magic that we're gonna end it just when the beautiful lights of Xmas will be shining? We're ritht now on a the most beautiful time laps to be enjoyed !
SoOo let's keep self-confident or become self-confident right now and we may get, also, as beautiful and envied as are our Dreams <3