I have a little problem sometimes when I watch TV shows. I can watch many episodes and suddenly the clock is bedtime.

1. Favorite TV show:
That is a really hard question, but I think I have to go with: Spartacus! A gladiator TV show. I watched 4 seasons in about 10 days.

2. Tv show that you're ashamed to admit you watch: Jane the Virgin. I really think this TV show is a bit lame, but I watched the whole thing.

3. Favorite character of a tv show: Gannicus, from Spartacus.

4. Tv show that you thought you wouldn't like and in the end you liked: I thought Spartacus was weird and a TV show for guys, but I LOOVED it!

5. Character of a tv show that you don't like anything about: Gaius Julius Caesar, he was an arrogant man..

6. TV show in which you would live: Gossip Girl!

7. Tv show of your childhood: There is so many, but one of my favorites was Hannah Montana.

8. Crush of a tv show: Damon Salvatore!!! (TVD), William og Chris (SKAM), Gannicus (Spartacus), Michael Scofield (prison break)

9. Have you had any songs from a ringtone opening? No

10. None

11. Did you carry photos of tv shows in your folder? No

12. Which tv show do you think is most overrated? Pretty little liars

13. Favorite antagonistic character of a tv show: Regina Mills (OUAT)

14. Tv show that everyone likes but you do not: Game of Thrones

15. The best end of a tv show: Prison Break

16. The best pilot of a tv show: Once upon a time

17. Have you seen a tv show several times? No, I have so many shows I want to watch. I don't have time to rewatch anything.

18. Tv shows that you need to see: Finish Vampire Diaries, Orphan Black, Teen wolf, The OC, White Collar, The Originals, Girlboss, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad.

19. Favorite relationship: Damon and Elena (TVD), Isak and Even (SKAM), Nora and William (SKAM), Lilly and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)

20. Best opening: Once Upon a Time.