Heey! I'm Patricia, but in internet universe I can be found as MissJenny. I'm twenty years old Polish girl, student surrounded by economical charts, mathematics and statics data. Pretty unusual for someone who has fallen hard for discovering culture, literature and spirituality? Maybe. I often feel like walking paradox, but I think we all do.

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I've been using weheartit for almost three years now. It has changed my life in so many ways. Not only recording my emotions, giving style inspirations, shaping my personality and interests. Weheartit is my therapy. It is this huge motivating force, helping me change my mindset to more healthy, determined and positive one. Now weheartit gave me voice, something really powerful and meaningful I am little shy to use here. You must know this thing about me. I love writing but it feels a little strange for me in English, because and words don't sound as right and plastic for me as in my native language Polish.

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English words seem only to give information and with my mother language I feel like I can shape entire universe out of nothing. I also journal a little in Francais ;) My bedtime begins with Ajourd'hui j'ai.. (Today I did...) and goes on with simple, french words and sentences. As to languages I'm also improving my German and I'm strongly willing to learn Russian, but Cyrillic has defeated me so far.

Yes learning is a big thing for me. I love acquiring knowledge and new skills. No matter if it's world history, philosophy, economics, fashion industry, basic rules of hair care, or psychological insight into human relationships. I love discovering myself spiritually too. I'm interested in occult things, astrology, Buddhism and I'm currently considering coverting to a wiccan faith.

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I'm nerd and party girl, two in one. I love playing board games, hiking, camping, binge watching Netflix and discussing Star Wars universe as well like dancing in my room to house music, going clubs and being wild party monster in house parties. I'm feeling like hell an extrovert here, but most of my life I've been introvert with a little anxiety. I think I'm still pretty sensitive, even though I try not to let it show. During my short life I've learnt that friendships and not being afraid of asking for help it's what truly matters.

I'm also a feminist and democratic socialist. I go protesting hell a lot and I'm trying to stay update on current world events. I'm also an active member of few student organizations. I strongly believe that passionate people brought together can make powerful change.

Thank you for reading this article. Have a nice day!


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