Since Fridays are the best, i thought I'd make a to-do list for y'all -

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1. Go for a walk and watch the sunset after you come home from school/college/work. It'll help your mind settle down and wash away your frustrations and anguish. learn to let go in that moment. It helps.
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2. Treat yourself to a mmm coffee, don't hold back. Do it before/after the walk or during the walk. It's fall guys!
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3. Cook yourself something healthy or get your mom to do it, get it from a health joint. But don't go binge eating this Friday, you are what you eat. preferably eat early.
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4. Watch a movie or Read a book in bed. turn on Netflix! (Message me for Movie suggestions)
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5. Don't drink, so many of us think that since it's Friday we should party and get drunk like what a great way to jump into the weekend. Don't, this Friday take a pledge to limit the amount of alcohol you consume during weekends.
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6. Sleep on time, so you don't miss out on half of Saturday. have sweet dreams! (also, imagine that's your pillow)

message me your idea! I am accepting requests for my next posts. feel free to lemme know <3
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