Hey, guys !
The best way to have a sleepover is to watch some pretty good shows/series, so here are some really good shows to watch
I hope you guys like it 👏🏼

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1)- Riverdale " at first this show looks like some comedy-romance show but the more you watch it the more you see it's a combination of romance, comedy, horror, and mystery "
the vampire diaries image
2)-The vampire diaries " THE BEST TV SHOW/SERIES EVER THAT IS EVER CREATED ( excuse my excitement lol ) "
pretty little liars, pll, and drawing image
3)- pretty little liars "some romance with a lot of mystery and horror "
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4)- Teen Wolf " some Dylan O'Brien with some Tyler posey OMG "
game of thrones and cast image
5)- game of thrones " if you hate this show then GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE ( IM KIDDING DON'T ) "
american horror story, ahs, and chocolate image
6)- American horror story " everyone's fav show "
stranger things, eleven, and netflix image
7)-Stranger things " my ultimate fav "
the walking dead, twd, and glenn image
8)-The walking dead " some dead-ass show ( i don't know if i said that right lol but what i meant to say that it's a reallly really good show) "
Mature image
9)-Vikings " all hail king Ragnar "
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10)-The 100

i hope you guys liked it and there are much more so if u want me to do one more like this please heart this article and thank you