Hi! Since black friday is coming up i thought that I would make an article for myself, and for everybody else who is interested, of what I would like to buy this year. Of course you can´t always find what you need on black friday so this will overall also be a mini shopping list :)) Enjoy!!


Something I really would like to get myself are some old skool Vans. They are very comfy and so simple yet stylish.

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Leather jacket

Now, I know that leather jackets can be very expensive but I do think that the money is worth it. You always look so badass in them and you can style a lot with them.

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Boyfriend and girlfriend jeans

Oh my how happy I am that these became a trend this year. Boyfriend and girlfriend jeans look so good and they are really comfy to wear.

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Nike sweatshirt

A Nike sweatshirt would be so handy to have. If you´re feeling lazy you can just throw the sweater on and some leggings and still look sporty and cute!

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Suede skirt

Suede skirts are such a fall aesthetic for me I just need one.

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Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are so classy and chic, they are amazing for fall and maybe even winter. They just complete an outfit.

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Calvin Klein set / underwear

Many see Calvins as overrated and over expensive, which I can totally see why but I think we can all agree that they are hella cute.

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Thanks for reading xox Gabriela