Nowadays there are so many platforms where you can collect, share and save your inspirations and ideas.
It's such a wonderful thing that you can get so much joy and happiness by collecting and reading stuff online. See, that's another proof that you can get happiness from the smallest things.

One thing that makes me especially happy is reading quotes or short inspirational passages.
And yes, how cheesier it is, how better. And no, I am surely not ashamed of that.

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It can give you a perfect reflection of your feelings. It can give you hope, support and motivation to move on. Or if you want to get some inspirational pickup lines. Personly I use quotes like a journal, I collect quotes based on how I am feeling. That explains as well the different kind of quotes you can find in my collection. It reflects how I am feeling or what inspires me.

If you want to check it out:

Top three best inspirational Instagram accounts

I would love to share with you some amazing and inspiring Instagram account and hopefully give you a little happiness and joy while scrolling through it.

And if you want more check out @thegoodquote:

Please share what makes you happy and spread that happiness around like confetti. And let me know what happiness means to you and what your favourite quote is.