So this is a subject we are talking all the time. And i have some tips for you. I have some clothing, makeup, hair, accecories and picture tips for you. These are things that i think will make you goals. So these are my opinions so be free to say what you think will make you goals. Again if you have any advice what should i write please sent me a postcard if you want to.

I think finding your own style is really important and finding clothes that you like. For me i like clothes from brands like Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Brandy Melville and Guess. My outfit for the day depends on my mood. Sometimes i like big hoodies with legging and sometimes i want to wear something fancier. I collected couple outfits that i really love, so you can check them out:

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as you can see many kinds of different clothing styles.

First of all everyone are beautiful just the way they are!!! And if you do not want to wear makeup you don`t have to. If you want to wear makeup wear. Now for the tips

1.) eyebrows
Know what brow type fits you and watch makeup videos from youtube to know that you are not doing them wrong. !! do not plug them on your own, just take some out from the bottom!!

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2.) Face
For face i am not the kind girl who likes do all those clamorous makeup things. I do them sometimes for going out or for parties. But for school i do my brows, base, contour and mascara.

madison beer, madisonbeer, and brunette image girl, beauty, and eyes image beauty, blonde, and girl image barbara palvin, model, and beauty image
Here are some slight make up looks. I like to do something like this.

My favorite part of makeup. I have big lips and i like to put lipstick on. I love matte colors and normal lipsticks. I do not like glosses, because all the glosses i have used were kinda sticky. I am gonna show you couple of my favorite colors.

lips, makeup, and lipstick image lips, makeup, and lipstick image Temporarily removed lips, lipstick, and makeup image
I love these colosr they look same, but i see differences.

For hair again what suits for you, but this is my opinion. I cut my hair to half my neck on may, now it`s over my shoulders. I am going to grow it over my chest to my belly button. But these are the hairs styles i like:

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1.) Jewerly
I love earrings, necklaces, and all the other jewerly.
I think you have to find the balance between the amount of jewerly. For example you do not wear a necklace with big earrings. Here are things i think look beautiful:

fashion, necklace, and style image body, fashion, and girl image fashion, style, and accessories image model and smile image

LOVE, LOVE! Favorite category. I got my first more expensive bag when i was in 3rd grade i got a Guess bag. And it was a blue and violet colored. That was my favorite bag and i wore it all the time. But here are the bags i think are gorgeous:

gucci, flowers, and rose image bag, black, and style image fashion, flowers, and rose image Temporarily removed
that flower gucci bag is my dream bag i think it`s so stylish.

3.) watches
Really chic thing to add to your outfit. It brings so much in your outfit. Just match it with right clothes. Here are some watches i like:

autumn, watch, and fall image oufits image watch, fashion, and marble image fashion, style, and outfit image

4.) belts
People have been going crazy over this gucci belt. And no wonder the belt is gorgeous. But here you need to know how to match a belt to your outfit. I have couple pics for you:

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, gucci, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image

5.) shoes
This is for all the shoe lovers including me! Shoes are the best way to finish your outfit right. Shoes what you must have in your wardrobe: white sneakers, black high heels, flats, winter shoes and sparkly high heels.Here are some shoes i love:

shoes, fashion, and black image shoes, fashion, and black image adidas, white, and shoes image Image by Dóra Somogyvári

For taking photos be yourself and have someone with you who can give you advice and wants to have a photoshoot . And does not hurry you up!
Here are couple pictures where i think has everything i have gone through. Take inspiration out of these pics.

girl, fashion, and paris image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion image josephine skriver and model image Temporarily removed kendall jenner, red, and model image

And we are done. I hope this helped you. I have couple style inspirations of mine. I will leave their instagrams down here so you can check them out. See you again soon!