We were all born with seemingly pure hearts. Our little eyes were shielded from what lay beyond our parents' security. As we got older and older, we began to see the world from our own security. As we saw the world unfold before our eyes, our hearts began getting a little darker as we got sucked into this cruel world. One aspect of this cruel world is lies. How easy it is for someone to open their mouth and speak of things you know to be untrue. Gone are the days when we would cower under the gaze of people. Now it is so easy for someone to look you in the eyes and lie. A friend once told me that we can't let what others do affect our happiness. It is easy to say something nice to someone and watch them smile, a smile that you put on their face. But what happens when that same beautiful smile, that you once put on that beautiful face, is taken away. By who? you might ask. By YOU of course. Replacing that smile is easy for someone who is not you. You break a bond that was held together by trust, you break a heart that once held you safely within it but ultimately, you break a good person's perception on the world around them. So I ask, before you look someone in the eyes and lie straight to their face, think about what you are doing to that person's innocence. Guard your heart, place castle walls around it and treasure it. For what is in your heart, determines how you live.