Part 1:

Your essentials: Who are you today?

1. List five adjectives or traits that describe you

animal her Superthumb hair cold gorgeous
Tiny * Dreamy * Preppy * Ashblonde * Sensitive
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I guess in a nutshell these 5 traits are me.
dog, cute, and snow image
Tiny * because I am 5 feet 1 inch tall
quote black
Dreamy * because I am naive and tend to be distracted easily
fashion, outfit, and preppy image
Preppy * because it suits my hourglass figure & personality
hair, blonde, and bun image
Ashblonde * because although I was haloblonde as a child - I <3 my nautral haircolor now even more
sensitive, quote, and text image
Sensitive * because I am too sensitive literally
preppy, tory burch, and lobster coin pouch image
P.s Such a Cutie <3