These are some of the things that I really want to do in life, so yeah it´s my bucketlist for the moment.

  • 1 See the northern lights
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Well I live in Sweden and in the north of this country northern lights are very common in the winter, I´ve for a long time dreamed of seing them in real life. They are absolutely stunning!

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  • 2 Dance with someone I love
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I have a very vintage soul and I would really love to take a dance with the love of my life. People don´t really dance anymore and I thinks it´s kinda sad actually.

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  • 3 Learn to play accordion
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Well I have an accordion and I do actually know how to play it, but I would want to be really good at it. I love the sound of it and the fact that it´s really odd that young people know how to play it.

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  • 4 Go on a roadtrip
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I absolutely love to drive and it would be amazing to take some of my best friends and just go for a long roadtrip.

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  • 5 Go to the making of Harry Potter in London
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This is something that I´ve wanted to do for a very long time and I´m not giving up on that dream. Harry Potter is something that I love with all of my heart so it feels like a must to go there.

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  • 6 Get more tattoos
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I´ve already got a tattoo, a Harry Potter one but I want more. These ones are actually some of the tattoos that I´d love to get some variants of.

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  • 7 Kiss in the rain
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To be kissed in the rain is probably something many people want and so do I. It just seems so romantic for some odd reason. I mean to kiss someone that you love is already amazing and it just feels lite a bit of rain would give it and extra touch hahah.

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