Hello. This poem is not English, it is Russian. And it was translated with the help of an interpreter. Appreciate and support the poet and writer. His name is Alex. Or Lyosha.

When trifles are more important than any chaos,
And with her on the sleeping street all alone,
I put the whole world around for a pause
And I press the "save" button
When the city is covered with snow first,
And her smile as the most kind days,
close your eyes literally for a second
And also click on the "save"

These jokes that do not understand the other,
and good nights, in which we do not sleep -
Just know that I remember all this,
You know that I saved all this.
Each your scar and every birthmark,
Your sonorous laughter and manner of speaking.
I hope that you also remembered me,
And you always find out among others ...

 And maybe it will not, as we want,
We can split, we will disagree,
But you know, I want you to remember me like that,
I want to be your point of preservation ...
Even if we meet not this year,
or even stop sharing news,
Do you still remember me, my friend,
Save me, your memory ...