ok so I saw this writing challenge thingy on @eifos9 so I thought I'd give it a try hehe. + go and check out her account

Day 1. Write an article that's about you

ok so people online call be chan, I'm soon 17 //bless// and I live in Norway //I’m mixed btw//. I don’t know what I’d do without music, whenever I get a panic attack, whenever I’m sad, whenever I*m happy, whenever I just want to go into my own world I listen to music. I also enjoy photographing and writing. (a little weird fact hehe) I just found out that I’m a Ravenclaw (I’ve been Gryffindor/Slytherin all my life so im a bit shocked hehhe.

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Music. As I said I listen a lot to music, popular and not popular. It makes me feel happy when I’m not happy. It does not matter which language the music is in, as long as it is good I’ll jam to it. I spend hours daily finding new songs and artist. I’ve been thinking about starting to make my own music but I’m shy //rip//

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Yellow. “gult er kult” as we say in Norway //it means yellow is cool//. I don’t know why, but whenever I see the colour yellow I smile. It just makes me so happy /omg what is wrong with me tbh// but I’m planning on printing loads of yellow pictures and then but it over my bad //in a cool was not like how we used to but celebrity posters all over our rooms//

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Animals. ok, I know... who doesn’t like animals right? But I admire, respect and I will try my best to protect them😉 I dislike when people say animals & humans or that’s an animal I would do that //like you understand what I mean, I hope (j---hopppppee, bye... I’ll leave)// humans are animals too. But that’s besides my point. I’m struggling thu chemistry just so I might be able to become a veterinarian. I love biology and some parts of chemistry //I dislike most part tbh//

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Me as a person. I’m trying my best to be kind the everyone, but if you disrespect me I’ll show you no mercy tbh //I’m not even going to pretend I do// I (and some of my internet friends) think I’m depressed, but I’m trying my best to live with it and the czy thought I get sometimes. My mortal enemy is French //France hates me:’((// I pretty honest, even tho I’m also a brilliant liar //I’m not going to lie about that either// friends and family cent tell when I lie, so I guess that means im good, right??c well I guess that it for day one

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Byeeeee xxx