September 25th 2017

So, as some of you might know, I'm Christian and on Friday night I went on a camp with some teens my age from my church. It was possibly the most amazing experience ever, as I got to socialise with amazing people and have heaps of fun.
But it was also an amazing experience because I met someone. A guy.
We will call him J.
So, I had seen J around at church before but I hadn't ever talked to him. At church, when I walked past him I thought, yeah he's pretty cute but I kinda kept walking and dismissed the thought.
But when I saw him before we went to camp, all of a sudden I realised he wasn't just a cute guy, but absolutely HANDSOME! (Later I figured out that he was the full package, hot, friendly, sporty and Christian!)

Day 1
Anyway, I was wearing black jeans, a black sports top, pink Nike shoes and of course, I had to wear my footy scarf (just to show him that I loved sport)
We got onto this bus and then we were off to camp! I didn't really get time to talk to him on the bus ride to camp because we weren't really near each other, but I swear that every time I turned around to talk to my friends in the seats behind me, we would lock eyes very briefly, before quickly looking away. Halfway to camp, we stopped for a quick snack at Maccas (McDonalds) and when we were filing out of the bus, he let me go before him….what a gentleman! After Maccas, we were back on the road and then we arrived at camp.
At camp, we unpacked into our cabins and then we were told that our camp was going to have a theme: Australian Survivor - this is pretty much just the same as the American version.
We were split into 4 tribes: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.
Unfortunately, I was in Yellow Tribe, and J was in Green Tribe, so we weren't together.
We started the camp off by playing a game of newspaper hockey. Newspaper hockey is pretty much just where you roll a newspaper into hockey sticks and then make a ‘hockey ball’ out of newspaper too. The aim is to score using the newspaper stick and hitting the ball into the goal which was the legs of a chair.

This whole newspaper game might sound a bit lame, but trust me, it's the best thing ever invented.
The teams were Yellow and Blue Tribe vs Green and Red Tribe, so once again I was not on the same team as J :(
But, when we were playing newspaper hockey, I reckon he got to see my competitive and sporty side which is sooo good! Btw, he scored two goals for his team, so he's pretty damn good at sports!

Day 2
So, Day 2 was actually reallyyyyy good! But before we get to the good parts, I have to tell you about the bad parts.
So, there was this girl, let's call her Camel (she legit looks like a camel)
Anyway, Camel is one of those plastic, popular girls who wears heaps of makeup, thinks she's the best and swears and acts cool. And she liked J. And she tried flirting with him soooo much and it was super obvious that she liked him, but J just wasn't interested. But we'll get back to her later.
So, during Day 2, me and a few of my friends were kicking the footy (AFL) when J and his friend T came and over and joined us. And, not bragging or anything but I can actually kick the ball well and mark (catch) the ball better than all the other girls, so yeah, I think J got to see my sporty side again. He kept kicking it to me too, and calling for me to kick it to him!
Anyway, throughout the entire day, we had all theses survivor challenges which were really fun, but I didn't really get to talk to him at all :(
Then, that night, we played capture the flag. Once again, it was Yellow and Blue Tribe vs Green and Red Tribe which meant that J and I wasn't on the same team. But, during the game, he went onto our side and he got into the safe zone where our flag was. J stayed in the safe zone, and I decided to go over and guard him, so that he couldn't run out. There was already a few people from my team there, and someone said to me: ‘You guard J, you're fast.’
And then, J was like: ‘Yeah, you're actually really fast”
And inside I actually died! He complimented me!
And the thing is, he must have been noticing me if he knew that I was fast!
I chased him out of the safe zone, but I didn't catch him, although I didn't really care because he complimented me!
So, this is the point in the story where the game sours. So, Camel, who was in Blue Tribe, therefore on my capture the flag team, she decided to follow J around. She was legit stalking him! She would keep following him around, trying to flirt with him, but it was one way. Camel was flirting, and J wasn't. Camel was like after the game: ‘Oh, guarding J was sooo easy! I was just guarding him for the whole time then!’
So, at this point in time, Camel thought she was pretty cool. She thought that J liked her, but he didn't.
After the game of capture the flag, we had this whole ‘Tribal Council’ around the fire. Once it had ended, Camel decided to make another move on J, but it quickly backfired. (at this point, most people knew that Camel was trying to flirt with J) Camel came over to J and tried to get my friends to move over, so she could sit next to J. She tried to be subtle about it, but as I was observing, it was so plain obvious. I'm pretty sure that J got the idea of what Camel was trying to do, and no one moved over. After Camel was rejected, J eventually got told that Camel liked him and his reaction was like: ‘really?’ And he had a bit of a disgusted face.
The thing is, Camel is the type of girl that J would never date, according to my friend who goes to school with him.
Anyway, that was a really good part of my day!

Day 3
The next day, I swear J kept looking at me. Every single time. I hope I wasn't imagining this! Camel kept trying to flirt with J, but she really kept failing!
On the bus ride home from camp, of course Camel kept trying so hard to impress J, but it didn't work. She sat diagonally behind him, and kept trying to make conversation with him, but it didn't really work.
Now, here's my favourite part of the entire bus trip. So, we were playing a game called ‘What are the Odds’. You're pretty much given a dare, and then you have to say the odds of you actually doing that dare. Then, if you say the same number as another person, you have to do the dare.
So, my friend asked J this: ‘What are the odds of you giving Camel a kiss on the cheek?’
When my friend asked this, my heart dropped. But my heart leapt when J replied with: ‘The odds of me doing that are 0’
I was actually so happy. Camel went bright red and everyone was laughing except her!
So yeah, the rest of the bus trip I swear J kept looking at me!
Then, we got off the bus because we were back :(

Day 3 Part 2
So, after camp I went home for a couple of hours, and then I convinced my parents to take me to night church, because I was hoping that J would be there, and sure enough he was. After church was completed, I helped pack up the chairs, and so did he, and I swear he kept glancing at me :)

So, yeah. No one except my best friend @probablyancientbeauty knows that I like J.

I actually don't feel like he's another one of those crushes that you have for a few weeks before moving on. I can actually truly see myself falling in love with J, and possibly even spending the rest of my life with him.

Thanks for reading this chapter of Cuties & Crushes!
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