Hi everyone! today I bring you some easy and affordable ideas to decorate your room that you can do in your free time... Hope you like it and try to do them (:

1. Pictures
Just place pictures in the walls of your room, can be of your friends, favorite bands or lanscapes, you can try to do this option in many ways!

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2. Glass jars
You can use them to keep your room organized and at the same time you recycle (:

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3. Frames
Put your favorites quotes or pictures in frames and you can decorate your walls or desk with them.

Image by •мηdez• Image by •мηdez• Image by •мηdez• Image by •мηdez•

4. Light string
Give your room an extra sparkle by placing lights all over it.

bedroom, room, and light image light, room, and bedroom image Image by •мηdez• light, bedroom, and room image

5. Wood boxes & shelves
Use them to keep your room organized. They come in different shapes and sizes and you can paint them with your favorite colors.

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That's all for now (: hope you liked this article and have fun doing any of these options to decorate your room!