i really hate saying this but i'm not gonna post about gmw anymore. i was planning to but now i feel like i've moved on to different things. i'm still going to keep up with sabrina, rowan, corey and amir. i've always loved them and i'm still going to support them through whatever they go onto next. i don't like peyton, and as for the rest of the cast i'm not gonna really keep up with them but they're really great. i love gmw and i always will, but the show isn't coming back and i have to accept that fact. the cast is all moving on and i should too. gmw is always gonna be one of my favorite shows, i don't hate the show and i never will. sure, i always will have a few issues with the show and things i don't agree with but i love it because there are so many things i love about the show. it brought me sabrina, who i will forever keep stanning because she's incredible. i love her music and she's such a good person. goodbye gmw :(

i've always been a huge lover of taylor swift, ever since speak now. i always focus on her most because she's the one who got me through a lot and she's forever gonna be my favorite celebrity, no matter what. i'm proud to stan her and although i do get a lot of hate for stanning her i don't care. she helped me. she's made me smile. she changed my life, she makes me happy.

i also stan selena gomez, ariana grande and little mix, who are also my queen legends. ariana is the loml. she's honestly so sweet and beautiful.

love love love,